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Why join Farm Watch in Oak Glen?

California producers are victims of more than a tenth of all U.S. farm crimes. The need for added security measures is obvious. The “Farm Watch” program has been designed to meet this demand, by increasing awareness, fostering relationships between neighbors and local law enforcement agencies, and striving to prevent thefts and vandalism of property.  

Rural Crime Prevention

• FBI tip sheet: How to identify, report suspicious activity ( PDF, 511 KB ) Bin Location Program Metal Theft Solar Panels No   Trespassing   Farm Watch Signage Available at Los Rios Rancho (Devon) Cost $10 ea     Owner Applied Number Meth Labs and Chemicals California Rural Crime Prevention Task Force Farm Watch Fraud Loitering

The Rural Crime Prevention Program aims to improve the lines of communication between local law enforcement agencies and the agricultural community.

The epidemic levels of metal theft and the continued rise in rural crimes such as illegal dumping, vandalism, meth labs and thefts of farm equipment, chemicals, livestock, and crops highlights the need for this effort.

By joining together and improving communication efforts we can take a significant bite out of rural crime.

For more information please contact the Rural Crime Prevention Coordinator Devon Riley at 909-797-1005  or Bill Foster at 909-797-0253

 OAK GLEN FARM WATCH PLANNING Assessing Needs, Goals and Participants 

2013 ♦ Hand out meeting agenda, background information and program forms.  ♦ Discuss the needs/benefits for a Farm Watch program.  ♦ Identify rural crime trends/problems.  ♦ Introduce law enforcement. Discuss coordination efforts and activities with his/her agency.  Ask them to provide reports on area crime trends, resource materials and training to residents  to assess security, strengths and weaknesses of operations and residences.  ♦ Select a committee, “Farm Watch” coordinator and block area captains (see guidelines below). 


Program Roles and Responsibilities 

Coordinator’s Responsibilities:  William (Bill) Foster 909-797-0253

  •  Serves as a liaison between law enforcement and rural area. 
  • Arranges and supervises crime prevention programs. Plans meetings and activities. 
  • Facilitates development of crime prevention projects and materials. 
  • Maintains a master list of Farm Watch members. 
  • Develop Web Site, Facebook page and Newsletter

Block/Area Captains’ Responsibilities:  (To Be Assigned, If interest Call Devon Riley at 909-797-1005)

  • Serves as a liaison between residents and coordinator. Assists coordinator in all programs. 
  • Recruits new “Farm Watch” members, striving for 100% participation. 
  • Makes maps of area of each participant’s property/residence. 
  • Notifies residents of meetings and training sessions. 
  • Designates work assignments (Secretarial, Patrol, vacation farm/ranch checks, Fund-raising).


  • East Side (Rileys Farm to School House)  Dennis Riley
  • Los Rios/Willdlands/Pine Bench   Devon Riley
  • Snow- Line & Residences  Scott Hudson
  • Harris Rd & Camps  TBD
  • TBD
  • Laws & Parrish Ranch   Kent Law
  • Potato Canyon  and  West Oak Glen Rd  (TBD)

Committee Participants’ Responsibilities: (To Be Assigned, If interest Call Devon Riley at 909-797-1005)

  • Get acquainted with your neighbors, their vehicles and property by sight. 
  • Maintain your area map with names, address, and telephone numbers in an accessible location. 
  • Regularly attend farm watch meetings. They are for your benefit! 
  • Mark all of your property for identification by using “O.A.N.” system.  Be observant. Report suspicious activities to neighbors or law enforcement when appropriate. 
  • Educate your children in crime prevention and instill respect for the law. 
  • Do not try to make arrests. Be a good witness. Notify law enforcement first. 

Farm Watch Activities and Tools Patrols 

  •  Should be organized only after discussions with law enforcement. 
  • ƒ Will more than likely be accomplished by motor vehicle. 
  • ƒ Magnetic car signs are available for designating vehicle patrol. 
  • ƒ Use two-way radios or cell phones to report suspicious activity. 
  • ƒ Should only observe and report and take no direct action. 

Telephone Network 

  • Each participant should be assigned specific neighbors to contact with general information 

about suspicious circumstances or emergencies. 

  • ƒEach resident should provide the block/area captain with information about his or her 

household/property to help make the system effective. 

Farm Watch Warning Signs

  • ƒ Use to warn potential thieves and advise law enforcement. 
  • ƒ 12” x 13” plastic/metal sign are most effective and should be used throughout the property. 

ƒ Signs should be mounted on pressure treated 4 x 4 lumber, 12’ long. Set 4 feet in the ground.  ƒ Deface the bolts to make them more difficult to remove. 

Farm Watch Window Warning Decal 

  • ƒ Place on doors and windows of residence to warn would-be thieves. 
  • ƒ Can be used to identify vehicles or equipment belonging to the particular farm/ranch. 

Neighborhood/Farm Area Map 

  • ƒ Use as a guide to report area information to law enforcement, fire, rescue or other emergency 


  • ƒ Informs residents who their neighbors are. 

Suspicious Activity Report 

  • ƒ Provides residents with a uniform guide to record needed information. 
  • ƒ Can be directly passed on law enforcement personnel for use investigation
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