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Riley's Farm added 4 new photos — at Riley's Farm.

by OGAGA on 07/11/15

Riley's Farm  added  4 new photos  — at  Riley's Farm .

Pirate Day is so much fun! We still have two weeks of Summer Day Camp coming up this month. Have you registered the kids yet for camp? Call today! (909) 790-8463

Camp Info:  http://rileysfarm.com/index.php/sdc/

Riley's Farm

by OGAGA on 07/11/15

Abbott & Costello's"Who's on First?" comedy routine. Don't miss it!

OAK GLEN: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have secret wedding

by OGAGA on 07/11/15

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis tied the knot at the Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen.

Oak Glen Preserve and Southern California Montane Botanic Garden

by OGAGA on 07/11/15

here in Oak Glen tend to be more brown or cinnamon in color. (Photo thanks to Craig Hughes, a regular hiker and birder here at the preserve.)

OAK GLEN: Colonial America comes to life at Riley's Farm

by OGAGA on 07/11/15

Life: OAK GLEN: Colonial America comes to life at Riley's Farm | farms, riley, oak, glen, colonial, apple, life, pies, america, saturday

Additions to our "Little Seedling Ranch" petting zoo

by OGAGA on 07/11/15

This fall you will find some additions to our "Little Seedling Ranch" petting zoo. Livestock manager, Seth Riley, has been hard at work to expand and enhance th e barnyard animals and activities. Opening August first, we will have a guinea pig run, chicken coup, private party spot, expanded hay bale fort, and horse lead.

Hometown Jamboree Sat Sept 5th 6PM

by OGAGA on 09/03/11

Sat Sept 3rd.  It's a cool, breezey day up here on the mountain, which means it's a great day for you to come up and  pick apples, pears, and berries.    Get away from the hustle & bustle of the city and head on up to scenic, mile-high Oak Glen, where the apples are ripe, the berries are juicy, and the family fun abounds! To top it off, our first Hometown Jamboree of the Fall season takes place on Saturday, September 5 at 6pm - live country music and a delicious farm-fresh meal, seconds included!

Favorite thing to do in Oak Glen is?

by OGAGA on 09/02/11

What is your favorite thing to do in Oak Glen?

What do you think of the "NEW" Oak Glen Site?

by OGAGA on 08/30/11

We have improved our Site.  What do you think?

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